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Make a cup of your favorite brew, adjust your screen and get comfy.

We’re about to take you on a quick journey to understand everything about herpes, from a positive and modern perspective.

If outbreaks are reoccurring for you there are different treatments available and we will cover some of these briefly here.  You may also want to know some straight facts, such as how the herpes virus can spread and what you can do to help prevent spreading it to your partner. 

We’ll also talk about ways to conquer negativity and if a herpes diagnosis has left you feeling a little empty, what you can do to feel whole again.

Remember if you have herpes you are NOT alone.  We’ll share some really neat support sites and contacts that you can call on if you need to talk to someone other than family and friends — and we recommend using them.

The Beyond Herpes website has been created to combat stigma and to help you realize your options.  Having herpes is not a life sentence, it’s a life experience… and it can have a heart-opening, mind blowing effect on your life if you let it.

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