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Which herpes treatments work?

If you happen to be the person who gets bothered by an outbreak from time to time here is a list of treatment options that can help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Herpes outbreaks, including how often they happen, are directly connected to a person’s immune system – this is the body’s natural “ammunition factory” against invaders like herpes. For most people it does a top job.

Heard there isn’t a ‘herpes cure’ yet?  That’s not exactly the whole truth…

Every person’s immune system has the ability to “cure” a herpes infection by completely suppressing the virus and it’s symptoms, and this happens all the time  – sometimes with the help of treatments but at other times the body achieves this harmony without any extra help at all.

It is absolutely possible for your body to suppress the herpes virus, and in fact the human body accomplishes this mostly all of the time. Living a healthy life, which you should be trying to do anyway, and doing things to support your body’s immune defense, can help lessen the herpes virus’ hold on you.

Telling your partner helps dramatically reduce any chance of spreading

One big ol’ problem of course is that there is still a small chance that the herpes virus can spread to a partner, even if you don’t get symptoms. This is because we can’t always detect exactly when it is active (and therefore contagious) and when its not.

So to be on the safe side, a person should always let their partner know about the very small risk of transmission before they have sex with them.  Take responsibility for your health by informing your partners (telling is proven to be one of the most important things that you can do to prevent passing herpes on) and take safe precautions when you do have sex, like abstaining when you have an outbreak as well as for a few days after it clears.

More good info

Check out the prescription tablets and supplements listed here for options that could help to reduce the risk of spreading herpes when there are no symptoms, for greater peace of mind.  Have a look at our Herpes Facts section for advice on having safer sex with herpes.

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