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Ingredients to look for:

Reducing foods that are very high in Arginine (like chocolate, nuts and protein shakes), while increasing foods that are high in Lysine (like most fruits and vegetables, fish and dairy products) may help to prevent cold sores and herpes outbreaks.

Also, foods which help promote healthy skin will help your body heal faster if a breakout happens (such as foods rich in vitamin c and zinc). For more information about foods to eat and foods to avoid to prevent outbreaks download the Herpes Free Diet Guide by Dr John Spurge N.D.


  • Can have long lasting results
  • May help to prevent cold sore, genital and other herpes breakouts
  • Can improve the skin’s ability to heal faster
  • Has loads of other benefits, not just helping to reduce cold sores, including helping you to look and feel better


  • Requires some discipline & organisation, such as planning meals
  • Can be inconvenient and hard to stick to in the long term
  • May require some compromise
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