Ingredients to look for:

There is a range of over the counter products available for cold sores, as well as some simple ingredients that can be helpful to relieve genital herpes outbreaks too.

The best products usually contain ingredients that are soothing, antiviral and recommended by others, such as people in the herpes community.

Look for products containing acyclovir, propolis, lemon balm (melissa officinalis) or aloe vera.

Some easy topical home remedies that may offer relief:

  • Diluted teatree oil
  • Zinc oxide cream or nappy / diaper rash cream containing zinc
  • Fresh gel from an Aloe vera plant
  • Ice wrapped in a cloth and applied directly to the area
  • Cool black tea bags applied to the sore
  • Purell hand wash has been reported to be helpful for the “itching” for some people
  • A little bit of alcohol sometimes works well

Please try only one or two remedies during an outbreak, because trying too many things can irritate the area.